Hi! I’m Dan Tran and I’m a student at the University of Washington majoring in Computer Science. I’m currently working on completing the Combined BS/MS Program and I plan on getting my Master’s degree in the Spring of 2019.

You may wish to see my resume available here.

Note: This website is currently in a very incomplete stage. More content will come in the near future.


Van Gogh Classifier

A machine learning project that classifies paintings as being painted by Vincent van Gogh or not.

UW Pathfinder

An application that finds the shortest path from a building to another at the University of Washington.

Dan Maku

A curtain fire shooting game that was developed when I was in high school made as a learning experience for game design and programming in general.



I had the amazing opportunity to intern at ViaSat and modernized their email application that communicated over low bandwidth radio frequencies. The application was horribly outdated and recieved complaints from customers, but I revamped the GUI, optimized existing functionality and code, and fixed driver related bugs, improving support for FTP and POP3. Because of this, the rennovated application meets the customers’ criteria and is pleasing and easy to use.

Amazon Web Services

I had the amazing opportunity to intern at Amazon Web Services and worked on the Elastic Beastalk Dataplane Team which deals with the platforms offered. I expanded an internal platform service used to keep track of platform information to include additional metadata about the platform’s installed software to fully describe a platform and fixed their tracker that tracks information about the packages used in the platforms. I also improved the documentation workflow by automating the generation of said documentation.